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Seide Z Raffoul

Meet the driving force behind SZR Consulting


ultifaceted expertise Ms. Seide Raffoul, positioned at the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship, brings a wealth of experience to the realms of business, investment consultancy, and corporate leadership. Internationally recognised, as a licensed realtor and the visionary founder of SZR Consulting, Seide’s dynamic keynote speeches and contributions as a corporate board director underscore her proficiency as a thought leader.

A proven leader with a global reputation for excellence and dedication, Seide navigates the intricacies of corporate landscapes, steering teams towards triumph.

Expertise and Education

Committed to continuous learning, Seide’s research habits and ongoing pursuit of a bachelor’s in international business equip SZR Consulting with the latest insights into business development strategies, cognitive and technical skills in international business, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), and contemporary leadership philosophies.

Seide’s roots in business grant a strategic advantage, enhancing consulting approaches with a deep understanding of relationship building, negotiation tactics, and effective communication crucial for professional success.

Beyond the boardroom, Seide shares her experiences in a compelling book that encapsulates her journey, insights, and strategies for personal and professional growth.

Committed to excellence and passionate about empowering others, Seide stands as a prominent figure in the organisations she represents.

The core philosophy of SZR Consulting mirrors Ms. Raffoul’s expertise: “Solutions focused, Results Driven,” ensuring a unique and impactful consulting approach.

SZR Consulting emerges as a dynamic force where visionary entrepreneurship, academic pursuit, and a commitment to well-being converge, creating an enriching experience for all involved.


We aim to turn your vision into reality by providing customised solutions that not only meet your specific requirements but also surpass expectations. Committed to achieving excellence, our team applies expertise, creativity, and a collaborative approach to each project.

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